Social Media Nowadays

I just had a conversation with a friend’s uncle about how much social media has become more of a strategic pathway for companies to strengthen their market share. Organizations can no longer create a profile for the sake of saying they have one; they must utilize and take advantage of the ability to create a page and interact with fans/followers. This is the time for firms to employ millennials (like me!) for their great knowledge of social media and attract the audience.

Here are a few articles with good points/ideas companies should abide by or keep in mind when creating a page:

Favorite Tips for Interviewing

The number one rule when going into an interview? COME PREPARED. I utilize for tips on creating an attractive cover letter for a specific job and, of course, the site provides information about current job openings.

Here ‘s a link to 10 tips to live by when preparing for an interview:

Another link to 12 surprising tips (and, yes, I did find some of these interesting) for job interviews:

Next Stop: Graduation

Cue the “Graduation” song by Vitamin C.

There’s less than 2 weeks before I walk the biggest stage of my life thus far and move out of my very first apartment (and home for the past two years). I have learned so much about myself and the world over my past 2 years at Illinois State University. I would have never thought I would be a member of four different registered student organization (RSOs), make the Dean’s List for the Fall semester of my Senior year, met the people I have, push myself out of my comfort zone and – most important of all – learn how to put my happiness first.

Educationally, I will graduate with a degree I intend to use to the fullest and, hopefully, for a company I adore like Golin or a local professional sports team.

Graduation 2 years ago from the College of Lake County with my Associates

Graduation 2 years ago from the College of Lake County with my Associates